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Service Support

"Each of our precision tubes should be responsible to customers"

As a precision seamless pipe manufacturer with a long history of manufacturing and cooperation with many domestic and foreign companies, the professional technical team effectively solves various problems in the use of steel pipes and provides all-round technical support. Zhongli provides professional one-stop service. From raw material selection to packaging and transportation, we have dedicated personnel to connect with you and give real-time feedback on the manufacturing progress, so that you can enjoy thoughtful and meticulous professional services.
In addition, we also provide supporting products related to pipelines: pipe fittings, VCR, Mini micro-welding, diaphragm valves, ferrule joints, vacuum bellows and other supporting products, and can produce other specifications according to customer needs. Welcome to consult us about related business.

Processing and cutting

To meet the cutting needs of different sizes, precision tubes of various materials and specifications can provide cutting services to meet the different needs of the industrial field.

To map customization

Products of other specifications can be produced according to the needs of customers, as long as you provide relevant data and drawings, we will have a dedicated person to meet the relevant customization needs and follow-up production for you.

Transport Packaging

The precision tubes are nitrogen purged and packaged in a clean room to meet the requirements, and are packed in single-layer/double-layer PE to ensure that the precision tubes will not be damaged during transportation.

After-sales service

We have a dedicated person to provide one-on-one after-sales service, and properly solve any problems you have after receiving the precision tube, so that you don’t have any worries.

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