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Production Standards And Main Uses Of Precision Steel Pipes

Precision steel pipes are used in a wide range of fields. The precision steel pipe is made of a whole piece of metal material and polymer material, and there is no seamless pipe with joints on the surface, which is called precision steel pipe. According to the production and processing methods, precision tubes are divided into hot-rolled tubes, cold-rolled tubes, cold-drawn steel tubes, stamped tubes and pipe jacking projects. Precision steel pipes in the general application field are cold-rolled from ordinary carbon steel, ferritic stainless steel or alloy tool steel. The total output value is the largest, and the key is to transport hydrodynamic pipes or structural parts.

According to different application fields, it can be divided into three categories:

Supply according to performance (performance);
Supply according to pressure (specifically: pressure) experiment

The difference between precision machining precision steel pipe and precision steel pipe:

1. The significant difference between precision steel pipe and precision steel pipe is that the model and specification are all precision processed, which can exceed 0.05mm

2. The surface finish of the inner diameter of the precision steel pipe is high, and the customer can apply it immediately without production and processing; Seamless steel pipes supplied by Class A and Class B, if used to withstand liquid pressure, should also be subjected to a pressurized (specifically; air pressure) test. Precision Machined Precision Steel Tubes are seamless steel tubes that are precision machined according to cold rolled or cold drawn solutions. Full name: cold-rolled or cold-drawn precision-machined precision steel pipe. Due to the advantages of precision machining of precision steel pipes, such as no air oxide layer on the inner surface, no water leakage under pressure, precision machining, high finish, no deformation by cold drawing, flaring, flattening precision machining gaps, etc. The key products used in the production and processing of pneumatic or construction machinery parts, such as air cylinders or hydraulic cylinders, are precision pipe fittings. The components of precision-machined precision steel pipes are carbon C, silicon Si, manganese Mn, sulfur S, phosphorus P, and Ming Cr.

3. Precision pipes for professional applications include precision pipes for heat treatment equipment (boilers), precision pipes for power installation engineering in chemical plants, precision steel pipes for landforms, and precision pipes for crude oil. Precision steel pipes have a hollow cross-section, and many of them are used as pipelines for conveying fluid mechanics, such as pipelines for supplying crude oil, natural gas, compressed natural gas, water and some national raw materials. Compared with solid stainless steel plates such as round steel, seamless pipes have the same compressive strength and high wear resistance, but the total weight is too light. It is a cross-sectional stainless steel plate with social development and economic value. Widely used in the production and manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as crude oil drilling equipment, automobile shafts (flexible waterproof casings, telescopic casings and horizontal shafts that constitute the shaft), bicycle frames and seamless steel pipe frames used in construction projects, etc. . , can improve the utilization rate of raw materials, simplify the production process, save raw materials, and save production and processing costs.

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