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Concentrate on Seamless steel pipe customization

With advanced technology and strict quality control to provide customers with high-quality precision steel pipes
One-to-one private customization, to provide you with the most complete service
Provide customers with different seamless steel pipe products and solutions

About Us

Zhejiang Zhongli Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of precision stainless steel seamless bright tubes, focusing on the production and sales of precision tubes and bright seamless tubes.
Zhejiang Zhongli Stainless Steel Tube Co., Ltd. can provide customers with certain product design and solutions, select high-quality raw materials to produce seamless precision stainless steel tubes and bright seamless tubes. The company has a complete management system, strong technical force, perfect technological process, complete and advanced precision stainless steel pipe production equipment and complete testing equipment, the company has 400 employees, 60 middle and senior production technicians, and has considerable production and manufacturing experience. Product development capabilities.

Stainless steel bright tube

High clean bright tube

Sanitary pipe

Stainless steel precision tube

6 core advantages of the enterprise

Strong support, so you have no worries


The complete production line is equipped from piercing, pickling, finishing rolling, cold drawing, straightening, flaw detection, tensile testing, etc.

Quality Inspection

We have a complete set of testing systems and equipment from round steel to finished products, and we have strict quality inspection links to ensure the quality of finished products


Focusing on precision steel pipes for many years, in-depth research on development trends and market demand, and constantly improving customer needs


The service team can effectively solve various problems in the process of using steel pipes for you, and provide all-round support


Focus on the research and development of precision steel pipe business, with a wide range of varieties and applications, and provide supporting solutions


While meeting your product needs, design the overall plan for steel pipe manufacturing and subsequent processing and manufacturing for you, saving overall costs

Focus on the production of precision steel pipes

Focus on the production of precision steel pipes, your conscience choice.


Professional guarantee, applicable to many industrial fields

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2018 International Forum on Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy Technology and Harsh Applications opens in Wuxi


Work plan for ultra-low emission transformation of iron and steel enterprises

It is reported that the General Office of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently released a letter on soliciting opinions on the “Work Plan for Ultra-low Emission Transformation of Iron and Steel Enterprises (Draft for Comment)”. 

Resolving the overcapacity of electrolytic aluminum, the road of material substitution is getting wider and wider

Aluminum is the second largest metal material after steel. Due to its excellent structural and functional characteristics, combined with the improvement and improvement of the properties of aluminum and its alloy materials, its application range continues to expand. 



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